Why Miniso Franchise is Successful – The Foco Model

Miniso Franchise operates in the FOCO Model. FOCO stands for Franchisee Owned Company Operated. What this essentially means is that while the investor(Franchisee) invests and owns the store, all the operational activities including Staff recruitment, Sales, Marketing, Inventory, IT support, Store Design, Engineering and others are taken are of by Miniso Bangladesh. The two big advantage with this model is – Firstly, the Franchisee can enjoy a relaxed venture with minimum effort, secondly, the store is run by a team of experts with global and local expertise, backed up with experience from Miniso all over the world. This enables the Franchisee stores to maintain global standard and run smoothly. 

If you are interested in owning your own Miniso store apply for a Franchise or get more information at franchise-minisobd.com

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