Who are we?

Miniso is an international retail chain with more than 4500 stores in 100 countries. Miniso has more than 5,000 products spread across various categories such as Cosmetics, Perfumes, Bags, Toys, Electronics, Stationery, Household & many more. We deliver high-quality designer products at affordable prices and believe in growing the standard of living. A big part of the Miniso experience are our stores and products which are designed and maintained to give the customers a joyful, lighthearted and happy experience. We currently have more than 4500 stores in 100 countries and thrive by serving our customers with the Miniso experience that they have all come to love.

Miniso is one of the fastest growing retail chains with stores all across the globe!

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We also collaborate with renowned intellectual property brands to craft officially licensed, high quality products at affordable prices.

Being a Miniso Franchise is easy! You invest, We take care of the rest.

Our FOCO(Franchise Owned, Company Operated) Franchise model lets the Franchise owner have the ownership of the store and enjoy the profits while the Miniso Team takes care of all the operational responsibilities. All our operational responsibilities are given below.

Retail Operation

  • Staff training and regular monitoring.
  • Data oriented product delivery.
  • Appointing area in-charge for the store.
  • A product operation & display manager from abroad to analyze your store and maintain global standards.
  • Daily Sales Operation Follow up with the store manager and staff.

Marketing & Communication

  • Strategizing, planning and executing 360 degree marketing plans.
  • Design & development of promotional items.
  • Social media activities & online media buying with proper targeting.
  • Regular offline activities.
  • SMS Marketing on regular intervals.
  • Publish advertisements on renowned magazines & newspapers.
  • Working with celebrities and influencers for an impactful presence.
  • Participation in events and exhibitions.

Engineering Operation

  • Store maintenance & follow-up.
  • Store design & renovation.
  • An engineer from abroad to maintain the global standard and continuously look after the store equipment & furniture.

HR & Admin Operation

  • Recruiting the best resources for your store.
  • Maintain government liaison and oversee legal activities.
  • Training and development of store staffs through comprehensive training & development activity.
  • Appointing a retail based HR personnel who will look after performance, behavior, work ethics of the store employees and regularly follow up with them.
  • Talent retention & Talent management through maximum motivation.
  • Performance management system through KPI & KRA.

IT Support

  • Implementation & installation of POS software to monitor the sales precisely.
  • An expert IT team working at the backend to constantly monitor and analyze the data.
  • Online portal access to monitor the store performance from anywhere.

Audit Support

  • Follow up with the store on a regular basis to address any issues that occur.
  • Checking CCTV footage on a regular basis.
  • Monitoring the performances of sales and marketing campaigns.
  • Quarterly inventory count of the whole store.

How we work to deliver you a Miniso Store

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