MINISO wins the “Most Admired Retailer” Award at the first ever Bangladesh Retail Awards 2021

Bangladesh Brand Forum arranged the first ever Bangladesh Retail Awards 2021 to honor the retailers who took innovative approaches to change the retail experience in this pandemic era. Miniso Bangladesh won the prestigious accolade of Most Admired Retailer from that event. This achievement is a huge success for the brand and the recognition further enriches the already established brand presence of the brand. Miniso has always been a brand that has been loved and admired by many. The customers as well as many influencers go above and beyond to appreciate the brand in any way they can. This has been proven over and over again through different online and offline activities. The Miniso Shopping Experience has always been a major factor contributing to such admiration. The brand has outlets in various parts of the country having a cute appearance with high quality and beautiful products displayed in an attractive way throughout the store. This attracts the attention of any customers who might decide to go on a stroll for retail shopping. The beautiful appearance, well trained staff, and beautiful products overall make Miniso the perfect store to stroll around for a pleasant retail therapy. By delivering all these things perfectly, Miniso has grown to the point where the brand is unconditionally admired by its customers. 

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