Identify the original

Be aware of copy brands!

MINISO is a variety store selling youth-centric, trendy and fashionable products. MINISO represents joy and light-heartedness and is often a spot for retail therapy for its customers. There are over 5000+ stores in over 100 countries. Miniso always offers good quality products at an affordable price.

With the success of Miniso all over the world a lot of similar brands have emerged with similar product lining. There are even some brands that have very similar Logo and Name. Therefore it is very important to identify the real Miniso stores when you are shopping for your favorite products.

Original Miniso stores not only have higher quality products but also offer a unique heart warming store experience. One thing that separates Miniso from other look-alike brands is their IP products. Miniso continuously collaborates with renowned international famous brands to produce high quality licensed products at affordable prices. Some brands Miniso have collaborated with are Disney, Marvel, Cartoon Network, Coca-Cola, Sesame Street, Pink Panther, Pokemon, Hello Kitty, Minions and many more.

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